Sunday, 30 December 2012

Fashion Talk - Wish you all a Happy New Year

A very happy New Year 2012 for all our readers and visitors.

Make your own makeup with these palettes

hi, everyone , today i am going to recommend these palettes to you so that you can make your own palette,  and also you can put the colors that you like or use frenquently  into one palette with the empty pans, for the 12 empty pans, the palette is magnetic . here are the pictures and links of them. they are very amazing; you must love them

Saturday, 29 December 2012

100 color rose shimmer palette

Today I want to recommend a palette to you, that is  100 Color Evening Bag Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette

its case is like an evening bag. today i use it draw a pink makeup,  which will help you catch a lot of attention

here are the pictures

here is the link  you can get more pictures of the palette

Friday, 28 December 2012

Streetstyle Fashion - Funky Hats

About limitless extention mascara

No extension of border Lengthening Mascara times the official description:

No extension of border Lengthening Mascara times a day is not blooming, magical makeup lasts all day. Have this new "small magic wand" mascara, thousands of women's double eyelashes can withstand the daily abuse; no extension of territory Lengthening Mascara times with anti-blooming, waterproof and anti-grease and other multi-effects! Easy to clean, removable, women who no longer have to fight every night with a mascara! Want to know how make-up on the make-up only with a piece of it / swab stained with warm water, just 30 seconds, you can completely removable. Makeup, the mascara formulation was small membrane shedding.

No extension of border Lengthening Mascara times to use:

1 in accordance with the "first root, then the central, peripheral, after" the order of three times entrainment eyelashes, while gently pulling up the side of the folder
2-fold spin out without delay throughout slender white end of the mascara, the opening to remove the excess mascara, mascara brush horizontally on the roots of the lashes, from root to the Ministry was a slight little "Z" shape around the see-saw apply eyelash-like
3 and then paste to the black makeup, and use the same way as a white paste, paste to fully cover the black white paste
4 Finally, with the eyeliner brush vertically, use the brush to gently apply lower lashes end

Thursday, 27 December 2012

What makes you special when you're 30-something?

Every one enjoys each phase of their life, I have to say. I enjoyed my clothes when I was a child, a youngster, a teen, a young woman and now, well, I can still relate to my 'a girl who is no longer a girl' identity.

People normally agree it is after 34 that it is tricky for oneself to understand things as you don´t see big changes day by day, but something You need good friends and BIG mirrors!

I think that someone who accepts their age is more pleasing than someone who tries to dress younger. But everyone's different.

People first grew aware of being older; they worried a lot about "pulling things off" and the rules. Now I don't really care. It doesn't matter if you are 18 or 38, but if you dress with aptitude and knowledge of your own body and proclivities and lifestyle, what you wear will make sense for you.

In this over-teenagerized world the beauty of a grown up woman is sometimes minimized, but that doesn´t diminish at all its magnificence. I have never looked back, and I feel more comfortable with myself now than ever, but sometimes it can be not easy for women to see role models in the media who really embrace and love their age without fighting silly battles to stop the unstoppable and to make youth longer.

From the people in the streets you can get the most innocent opinion of your image as sometimes people just say things like: you look younger, etc just as a compliment but a woman looks so silly when she says :Everybody tells me I look younger...

"You look younger it´s a rather pitiful compliment."
"You look great! That´s a great one..."

Love your mid 30’s as how you loved your teen. Gather friends and enjoy your life with the trend that makes you more comfort at that time. Also mark your presence with the elegant dresses. Try to be a role model to your daughter as they are the precious gifts for you. “Mom, you look great….” These words from your loved daughters are more precious than to dress younger.